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Topigs Norsvin Self Service 

The Topigs Norsvin Self Service is located at the URL:

What can I do in the Topigs Norsvin Self Service portal? 

In the Topigs Norsvin Self Service portal you can perform a few basic tasks for your Topigs Norsvin Account. Your

account is in most cases your (corporate) e-mail address.

  • Reset your password if you forgot it or the password expired
  • Change your current password if you still have access 
  • Provide basic contact information such as your mobile phone number. 
  • Enroll a mobile authenticator


If you provide your phone number (Mobile, work or home) or address these details can be found (In Outlook or smartphone contacts application) by Topigs Norsvin employees who have an e-mail account in The Netherlands. If you do not want this please do not fill in this details and do not use SMS verification!

Verification code 

To prevent unauthorized password resets the system needs to verify the account owner. By default the Topigs Norsvin Self Service sends a verification code to the known e-mail address in our system.  

This can be a problem for Topigs Norsvin employees in The Netherlands: If you forgot your password you can probably not access your email as well.

As alternative you can setup multiple verification methods: Receive a text message or add a mobile authenticator such as Google Authenticator or Authy. You can search and install this application in the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. 

It is highly recommended to setup a mobile authenticator and/or provide your mobile phone number to receive a text   message as a backup verification method. 

You will probably see this message when it is too late. So do this before it is too late :-)

Setup verification code via mobile authenticator 

You can setup a mobile authenticator if you are still able to login to the   Topigs Norsvin Self Service portal. 

Open the “Enrollment” tab in the menu. Click on “Google   Authenticator”. 

This option is also used if you are using another mobile authenticator such as Authy, Sophos Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator etc.

Scan the QR code with your mobile authenticator app.

Enter the token which is displayed in your mobile authenticator app and click on “Update”.

The next time you forgot your password you can use your mobile authenticator for the verification code. 

Setup verification code via SMS 

You can setup verification via SMS if you are still able to login to the   Topigs Norsvin Self Service portal. 

It is advised to enter your mobile phone number in the format:

+[country code][phone number without leading zero]

For example if your Dutch phone number is 0612345678 you should enter it as +31612345678 

You can find your country code at

Reset your password 

Go to the Topigs Norsvin Self Service portal and click the “Reset  Password” link. Enter your Topigs Norsvin account and click “Continue”.

Depending on your account settings you can see e-mail, mobile and   Google Authenticator as options to receive the verification code. 

The verification code will expire in 15 minutes.

Verification code via E-Mail 

If you didn’t setup any other verification methods it is only possible to   receive the verification code by e-mail. In a few moments you will receive an e-mail with a verification code.

Enter the code and continue to the password reset page.

Verification code via mobile authenticator 

If you enrolled the mobile authenticator choose the option “Use Google Authenticator app for verification”.  Open the app on your mobile phone and enter the code. Since this is a time-based code you and will change every 30  seconds. If the current code expires you have another 30 seconds left to enter the “old” code, after this time you need a  new code. 

Verification code via SMS 

If you enrolled your mobile phone number it is possible to send the verification code as a text message to your mobile   phone. After receiving the text message enter the code and continue to the password reset page. 

Password requirements

The password requirements are described in the support article: Password requirements (Login required).

If your password doesn’t meet the requirements it will display an error message.